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Montreal online dating service

Sawaya-Paiement sat down for a candid Q&A about finding love in the 21st century.

Joan Sawaya-Paiement: “I had 20 wonderful years at the exchange, but I had two young kids and was working crazy hours.

One of my electives was psychology and I loved that course so much, I ended up majoring in psychology instead.

When I finished, I wasn’t looking for a job, but a friend of mine was single.

Today we send emails and text messages.” JSP: “I tell you, I’m worried about younger adults.

That part of the clientele when I started here, there was nobody under the age of 30.

She asked me for help and when she found the Intermezzo website, she sent me the link and I discovered they were hiring.

Whereas with a matchmaker, we work on a fixed cost, so the quicker we match you, the more money we make.

But I learnt the business from the ground up and obtained my certifications as a matchmaker.

Intermezzo’s been in business for 21 years, I began there in 2011, and I so believed in the product.

It’s very hard work because people are very demanding.

But when you match somebody and they call you up happy, there’s nothing like it.” JSP: “The biggest misperception of all is that we are for people who can’t meet.

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If you look at Grindr, it’s not guys looking for a serious relationship.

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