Match com dating scams

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Match com dating scams

I had 5 guys in 3 weeks be extremely rude and cruel because I did not want to go on a date after emailing or texting. if you are looking for a gentleman or someone who understands online dating try another site.

Less After several weeks of looking the ladies over, I finally decided to try the site out. I contacted 4 different women, and all answers seemed like robo chat and n…. By the poor grammatical syntax I suspect Eastern European.

I did have one contact that seemed like a real person, but still insisted on useless chat instead of getting down to why you are on a dating site. Took two emails, a call to texas to get 800 for customer service. What happen to customers being right and making them happy..

This basically just quickly drains the credits that you have purchased in a very quick time period.

Less Come on fellows…stop being scammed by those thieves.

Every time I get to the point that I want to meet a lady, I’m told that she no longer wants to talk to me.

This is also after I have bought and paid for incoming letters, and outgoing letters.

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Every time I get to the point that I want to meet a lady, I’m told that she no….

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