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I remember him as tall, good-looking, mellow, smiling — friendly but never a close friend, more the kind of guy who might spend his time socializing with the opposite sex than burying his nose in a book like I would.

“He was very scary,” Tornambe said in a telephone interview from Maryland, recalling events in Finlayson, Minn., where she moved when she was 11.

One of the ways Barnard enforced secrecy among his Maidens was by requiring them to travel in pairs at all times.

“It started to dawn on me that I was kind of like in a prison,” Tornambe said. We always had to have someone with us, another girl, unless we were with Victor.” Barnard also restricted her access to her parents, and she never told them about the sex — but amazingly, Barnard did.

In August 2000, Tornambe says, Barnard summoned her to the bedroom of his lodge at Shepherd’s Camp and asked her whether she masturbated.

Barnard accused her of lying and slapped her face, she says.When she turned 14 in January 2001, Barnard held a meeting with Tornambe and her parents.“He told my parents that he may or may not have sex with me” at a time when he was already having sex with her, she says.“He yelled a lot at people in front of everyone, even the little kids.I remember my little sister — she was 5 when we moved up there — I forget what she had done, but he picked her up and shook her so hard that she peed her pants.” Tornambe says Barnard gave a “teaching” in July 2000 that would set the course of her life for the next decade.

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“He said it was spiritual and natural for him to take care of me in that manner.” Barnard progressed to assaulting her sexually, and she says she was “like a deer in the headlights,” describing herself as “frozen.” “It was probably one of the worst nights of my life. I was just freaking out on the inside, not knowing what to do.

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