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The Jumperfree Configuration link from within the Advanced tab opens to the Configure System Frequency/Voltage submenu.

This submenu contains all voltage and bus speed related configuration options, as well as submenus containing memory specific settings.

The memory command rate is set via the enable / disable option 2T mode, with the more aggressive setting enabled with this option disabled.

The FSB Frequency option sets the base CPU FSB, with a maximum 600MHz FSB settable.

The DDR2 module voltage is set through the DDR voltage setting, with a 2.5V offered maximum.

The Northbridge chipset related voltage options become accessible with the Northbridge Voltage option set to Manual.

With the On Chip SATA Channel option set to enabled, the SATA port operation can be set via the On Chip SATA Type setting.

Note that the RAID boot BIOS becomes accessible with this option set to RAID and drives connected to the SB600آ’s SATA 2 ports.

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The physical processor speed is determined by multiplying the Processor Frequency Multiplier and FSB Frequency settings.

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