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I have had his material only for the last 2 months, and trust me when I say, that there is no person who is in complete command over his technique in every area of dating.Known as the best “pick up artist” in the world, and is an even better teacher.(this is a universally proven principle to work not only in seduction, but in life in general.

I was that guy who was constantly losing opportunities.Most women will not admit it, but talking dirty is a huge turn on.See what others are into, find new sex game ideas and create a new fantasy identity in your bedroom and maybe learn new ways to spice up your sex life!they are not anymore those who provide and protect the women!Now women can easily provide for themselves and there are all kinds of laws that protect women…Now, I know this sounds amazing, maybe too good to be truth…. All those women I slept with, all the other dating gurus I made friends with, all those guys that I taught…

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