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As a student, he was exceptional, consistently receiving the highest honors, a favorite in the class by his classmates and teachers and was awarded the highest possible grade in the entire history of his grade school.By some twist of fate, the consistent top-notcher did not finish his secondary schooling.He then readily teaches them the ways to fight the rampant religious fraud and live a life of peace with God and spiritual relief.Thus, his concern issues in religion and salvation in our times.

The Church's detractors followed it there and were able to take over the station, forcing once more Bro Eli’s group to transfer to another home in the late ‘90s, the UHF channel SBN 21.

Barely three months before graduation, he dropped-out of school after a skirmish with the acting school directress, the cause - religious difference.

It seemed to be the end in his education and career as he was expected by everyone to become a famous lawyer, a doctor or a brilliant scientist in the future. His interest in the Holy Book was parked by his membership in the religion of his parents.

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And beyond technological mainstreaming, the Church now integrates the cordless Internet technology to touch the four corners of the globe, one of the key solution to spreading throughout the world the Christian gospel written in the bible and to send the message preached by the early Apostles and Prophets 2,000 years ago.