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There is, of course, a dead man, and the second season begins with a chronicle of what happens around and after his death. That journey is told thorough the lives of four characters. Woodrugh pulls the car over, suspecting the young blond inside of a DUI. (Remember from earlier that he's having Ray Velcoro look into it.) Jordan, Frank's wife, plays diplomat to diffuse the rising tension. Casper sort of holds the purse strings for a lot of stuff. "You're angry at the entire world for something you never received," he says. Drunk and with blood on his sleeve, Ray walks through a parking lot with a sleeping bag under his arm. Ray notices that his son isn't wearing the new shoes he referenced in the first scene.

Rather than telling them sequentially, it feels like creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto wrote the story beats out on individual pieces of paper, shuffled them like a deck of cards and stuck with the order that emerged. He slides wads of cash across the table, says the lawyer should just figure something out. The angry, drunk mayor walks away, and Franks lifts his glass to toast an unnamed man in the distance. A lot of people have to go through him." Velcoro and Dixon visit Caspere's home, and Velcoro picks the lock on the door to get in. There's a painting of an orgy on the wall, phallic statues in his office. It seems like Frank's trying to go straight — or has been for some time. He demands to know what happened, screams and threatens his son until he gives up the name of the bully. In the next scene, Ray is talking into his voice recorder to his son while sitting in his car. Also that he used to want to be an astronaut, "but astronauts don't even go to the moon anymore." The dispatcher comes on the radio, says she has the address for Conroy that he requested.

Its title card, though, might be the most direct visual metaphor. At Frank's office in the Vinci Gardens Casino, his right-hand man hands him a copy of The Los Angeles Times, opened to an article called "City of Vice: Is Vinci the Most Corrupt District in L. Then comes a short, strange, unexplained scene in which a big, old, burgundy Cadillac pulls out of a house in broad daylight and drives down Highway 101. In the back is an older man wearing sunglasses, motionless. He wants to talk about taking the relationship to the next level. He makes the son watch, threatens to come back if he ever bullies anyone again. The driver gets out, drags the man's body from the car.

The best shoe that you can have while weightlifting is a lifting shoe, sometimes called a riser.

If you are going to be doing things such as olympic weight lifting, heavy duty front-squatting or back squatting, then a lifting shoe is recommended.

A decade ago, he helped Ray Velcoro find his wife's rapist and, apparently, dispose of the body.

A detective in the Ventura County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division, seemingly devoid of any emotion other than anger. A California Highway Patrolman who, in the first episode, gets suspended with pay after pulling over a woman who offers a sexual favor in lieu of a ticket. "This is my least-favorite life," the singer sings.

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