Kissme single datings in ua

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Kissme single datings in ua

Keith was dropped from the show following the incident, hut ‘ince has gotten work in other spots. commented last week on his reactions during his stay in New York. "Snip- pels in New York During the Week." ho wrote. I fear, be 'Coni inued on page 71 ) Sullivan’s Europe Quickie, Guest Emcee for ‘Toast’ Ed Sullivan will be absent from tin* Dee."I saw how a first class play like Roger Mac- Dougal’s ' sic i ‘Escapade’ can be ruined by inept production, care- less east in" and uninspired writ- ing. 2* tele show at whic h time he’il be vacationing in Europe. Syndicated columnist for the V V Daily News who corfducts "Toast of the Town" on CBS-TV will go abroad with his family for the holidays. Eyebrow-raiser within the TV trade 'among those who have already witnessed a screening of the film* is the fact that, in reprising the highlights of the Cantor show biz cavalcade, through his /icgteld Follies days” into radio, there's. Basso will sing "A Hunting I Will do." Show's rancelled after the Dec 20 TV 'in g. Degree ol business varied Imm station to station, with some com- pletely eschewing the fast buck m favor of strict public service and others going all out to capitalize on the news and advertising shortage Video caught less erf (lie additional biz than radio, with fact that some of tin* TV outlets are in a near SRO status contributing to then reluctance to go after the sliike created coin Virtually all stations, however upped their news coverage- and at the* same time- instituted spe« l d 'Continued on page- ;o » Minneapolis. De- spite unanimous critical pans for the show, Arlene Francis, a panel- ist star on the “What’s My Line" tele series, has carried the legit comedy. dailies, picked up additional coin from film companies, theatres and legit offices, and sold still more time via expanded news schedules that were gobbled up- by new minded advertisers eager to reach news-hungry listeners and vievveis. Exhibitors here feel that the present boxoffiee resurgence is due in large part to the accelerated rate at which youngsters, teen- agers and the 22 to 28-year-old groups are being weaned in part away from TV and returning to showhouse-s for additional and dif ferent entertainment. widescreens and Cinema Scope for this revival of public interest in motion pictures in theatres. among others, Ev Seibel, Paramount circuit ad- vertising and publicity head, be- lieves that heavier pre-selling of pictures has had much to do with (Continued on page 73 Cantor in Defense Of TV Star Huckstering: ‘Too Much Coin at Stake’ Boxoffiee draw of a TV name, already demonstrated in strawliats, is now apparently registering on Broadwav for the first time."Late Love." into its eighth week currently at the Booth, N. Show is doing modest business, but is the only opener of recent months to receive solid pans and survive at all.

OO0; that produc- that seems tion will be necessarily slow, the ■v.Vernon and Gope Pedicino* ol the Compa - Theatre chain in Denver oj.e O their housing problems by (no\ing in on the screens of the East and West ozoners.respectively Their apartments are 11 ' 2 leet wide by b*l feel long on tin- ground level beneath the screens. Rooms are laid out in row bedroom, living room, hallway and front door, hath, second bedroom, dinette and kitchen Vernon constructed a 50 foot lad- der from the master bedroom to the top of the screen “It gives an excellent view of the city aryd helps in counting the house." •c of open- The day that the Federal Com- could have munications Commission approves unanimous the compatible RCA color system, t, yet man- that company plans a 0,000 ad- \v requests vertising campaign to herald the continuance of black-and-white ormanee of television set production tor some to explain time to come.1 1 calling for the subsidized promotion of French dims 1 hat are being re- leased through a subsidized agency, would be contrary to assurances given by M PICA prey John- ston.was contained in a wire from the Independent Motion Picture Distributors Assn, ot America.

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Research Center here this morning and afternoon (Tues.i, with Dr. "On the basis of present indica- tions, I anticipate a real improve- ment next season. Stations pulled in much of the retail adveitsirig busi- ness ordinarily carried by the.

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