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Kim kardashian dating cristiano

And after the breakup, Nick accused Kim of using him for publicity.He said that during an outing to go catch a movie, no one followed them to the movie theater.Back in 2006, and before her popularity really soared, Kim began a relationship with 98 degrees’ Nick Lachey.The relationship was short-lived, just like many of Kim’s other romances.Kim decided to turn business into pleasure when she began dating her former bodyguard Shengo Deane.During their brief courtship in 2011, Shengo appeared as Kim’s love interest on her reality TV show.Gabriel’s Ex and the mother of his daughter, actress Halle Berry, was allegedly the reason behind the break-up.

We still believe Reggie Bush is Kim’s one true love, it’s just too bad their relationship had to crash and burn right before our eyes.

But just a couple weeks after confirming the relationship to the public, the two called it quits.

Miles’ football career and Kim’s commitments to filming her reality show forced the couple into a long-distance relationship that just couldn’t stand the test of time.

In 2010, the two were photographed having an intimate lunch at a restaurant in Madrid, where an onlooker spotted them getting cozy. They left the restaurant separately, headed back to Cristiano’s mansion, and we’re pretty sure that’s where the magic really happened.

Kim claims she was just “Having Fun”, but this relationship sizzled out before it could even take off.

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Till this day, the former couple is still making big Bucks off their top grossing night between the sheets.