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It tells the story of Han Se Kyung (Moon Geun Young), a simple but clever woman in design affairs who always feels her life is not as fortunate as others.During school, Se Kyung always earned the first position even received various kinds of awards related to the design.Like a secret message, So Yoon constantly receives a message to search for Achiara, which turns out to be a small village name in Korea.So Yoon decided to go back to Korea and look for Achiara.Moon Geun Young once dating a handsome actor Kim Bum.According to the news, their love story started from the drama Goddes of Fire, Jung Yi in 2013.What a surprise to Se Kyung when she finds out that she accepted the job not as an employee who takes care of design problems. However, for some reason, Se Kyung was accepted at the company but she works as a runner and assistant of GN Fashion’s wife director.Because of her interest in fashion, she is determined to survive.

Moon Geun Young is a model & actress from South Korea. Later, she started her acting career in 1999 as a little actress as well.For the sake of the adoptive father’s ambition, she must disguise herself as a man to be accepted at the academy of painting. Actress Moon Geun Young and her "Godess of Fire: Jeonji" co-star Kim Bum are a couple. And they have decided that rather than being the subject of rumors, they are going to date publicly.Many mysterious figures emerge that make the story more complicated and related to each other.Together with Park Woo Jae (Yook Sung Jae), a young policeman who has a sharp intuition like a detective Conan, So Yoon wis trying to uncover the secret that has been buried.

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Yoon Bok lost her memory due to the trauma of her parents’ deaths that occurred before her eyes.