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Our research was designed into three components: Our qualitative interviews showed that respondents felt decidedly negative about their stories of sponsorship, whether relating experiences of peers or themselves.

With an imbalanced distribution of control in favour of the sponsor, sponsees may be exposed to greater risk.

From now on, I take no liability for all her financial or other transactions. But please, do not come back bitch.” The German guy accused his wife of stealing his car and Sh1 million before going into hiding. What does their dress code of rugged jeans, dirty sport shoes and backpacks tell you?

However, despite the online drama, a week later, Pleschke asked her to come back home via the same platform, posting that, “Nakupenda Eva Karwitha. Some of them have saved for a lifetime to just afford the trip to Africa, while others are retired and enjoying their pension away from cold relatives and even colder weather.

The other tells a story of young women who are vulnerable, dependant, and highly exposed to risk and violence.

It is described as socially unacceptable and attached to shame and stigma, with the lack of trust in sponsorship relationships causing threats to health and safety.“Sponsorship as an experience is unacceptable.

We recruited 252 female-university students between 18 to 24 years old at our research lab in the center of Nairobi to shed light on this process.The secrecy surrounding sponsorship evidenced by the low self-reported rate paired with the strong stigma associated with sponsorship, even among peers, makes it hard to tell friends or seek support if needed, and may doubly contribute to increased safety risks for women.Our research suggests that women have little decision-making power both on whether to get a sponsor (when lines between boyfriend and sponsor become blurry) and once they’re in a relationship (when the sponsor has more power/control and there is stigma that prevents them from seeking support from peers or other sources).Note: This research was used by the BBC for their great piece “Sex and the Sugar Daddy” which includes video interviews and commentary.Salaam is an Islamic dating and matrimonial site where Somali singles can meet for love and romance.

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In September last year, Facebook couple Whitney (a Kenyan) and Dominic, were involved in a nasty breakup. Zilpah further wanted him barred by the Immigration Department from sneaking out before settling the debt.