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The chef there was an old acquaintance of hers, and he was a little drunk.

He was showing off to the staff, trying to impress everyone by being chummy with The J.

The answer to the question you thought you had posed is this: Of a dung beetle I would ask, "Why bother? He fondly recounted many memorable meals of beef and game, and wrote of his appreciation for beer and strong liquor. I would like to hear his thoughts on the nouvelle cuisine, that silly cul-de-sac of bad taste which substituted tiny food on small plates painted with sauces in place of a meal. A: When I was 19, I worked as a T-shirt screen printer.

" Of a tapeworm, "Do you ever wish you could dine in a more formal setting? I would also like to hear his thoughts on the dreadful trend away from using even moderate amounts of oil or butter in cooking. One payday, when I could no longer hack the horrible working conditions and minuscule pay, I quit. The new job had a delayed pay period ­ that is I got paid for two weeks work after an additional two weeks passed ­ and I realized that I would have no vittles money for a month.

Let's just say I was probably her most significant source of protein.

Her best dish is Trout Wellington, which she invented and perfected.

It is a whole brook or large rainbow trout baked in a puff pastry and served with light sauces.

Since I really only enjoy food ripped off the carcasses of dumber, weaker species, she got to see a wide variety of meats prepared in many ghoulish fashions.

Eventually, her curiosity overwhelmed her, she tried some and now eats all manner of dead things.

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addyshack was my favorite American comedy until Shakes the Clown. Dangerfield's comments notwithstanding, my life is at the stage where work has replaced everything else, including sex.

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