Javascript code for validating email address Sexy girls no sign up private chat room

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Javascript code for validating email address

NET 2.0 (C#) web form that contains a textbox for users to enter multiple e-mail addresses separated by semicolons.We need to validate that each individual e-mail address entered is a valid e-mail address format.Check out this correct regex to validate addresses, which is quite unpractical.This means that we can either be too strict or too lenient with our regex.A regex could obviously replace this entire function with roughly 5 lines of code if you're not picky.

Also, I agree with Gaby -- emails do accept so many valid characters, including ones we've never thought would be acceptable.

HTML One thing I know could be improved is where I repeat basically the same code twice to validate the characters in each section.

I am more interested in hearing if the way I've structured the function and sections could be done better, as the exercise for me was more about writing well-structured Java Script and getting familiar with some of the built-in functions than about writing a perfect validator (which is also the reason I didn't use Regex).

I didn’t really want to use a Regex because I wanted the code to be easy to understand when someone came to read it later, I knew whoever reading would know Java Script but wasn’t sure if they would know regexes that well.

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Hi All, I have a requirement where I want to validate an E-Mail Address in a Text Box as soon as the Address is typed in it.(Not on Submit button click) Please suggest me as to how to appraoch this. because you said ( Not on Submit button click ), I suggest you use javascript to validate the textbox email update : someone post it , you can take a look and if you want to check while typing(not after exiting from textbox),you can use onkeydown instead of onchange and of course,instead of showing an alert,you can display an error image or something but you've got the idea! But when the Page loads, Iam getting a Pop Up message " A Runtime Error has occured. " Line: 388 Error : Expected "{" And it is asking for "Yes" and "No" Hi, My requirement is not to use a Required field and Regular Expression validators which validate on Button Click.