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😭 Just me or has the promotion on this Taylor Swift album Lover been really low key?

I guess she doesn’t really need promotion, but I usually count down to the days until her releases and today I was like, “Oh shit, it’s already here.” [email protected] and @haibon_jared have found paradise with each other!

When Jackson first attended school in California he was made fun of because of his accent, cowboy hat, boots, and large belt buckle with shining bright lights which he wore to school. Also he has a limited amount of friends, only showing two: Cooper & Thor.

He is constantly looking for ways to earn money, generally for the purpose of impressing girls.

I was away in Europe on my honeymoon and wasn’t able to review one of the most incredible, hospitable airbnbs booked for my wedding week.

Jackson and Miley constantly bicker and compete for their father's approval.He moved to Malibu, California with his father Robby and sister Miley after the death of his mother. Jackson is a mediocre high school student, and has a rough time starting college in the third season. Jackson is often seen barefoot or wearing flip-flops.In an off-handed remark in "Song Sung Bad," Jackson implausibly suggests the reason for this move involved an embarrassing incident with a Tennessean girlfriend. It is also revealed in the episode "Schooly Bully" that Jackson's bare feet are ticklish.Jackson also has a central role in the feature film Hannah Montana: The Movie.Despite portraying a teen, Jason Earles was in his late twenties when he started the show. Like the rest of his family, Jackson is from Tennessee.

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He also imitates his father in "You Give Lunch a Bad Name" and his sister in "You Gotta Not Fight for Your Right to Party." Perhaps as a consequence of his acting skills, Jackson is also good at dodging direct questions and using weasel words.

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