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With the most entertaining reality shows being between seasons and others comming up short (like Holly’s World and Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch), I have better ways of filling up my dvr. Show but I’m sad to say, that I mostly tuned in for the eye candy. You don’t see too much of that going on in this day and age. …Well, I guess they were “working hard” at one point or another.

How many times can I blog about The Kardashians and The Real Housewives of NJ?? 😉 I know it’s been a long time, but what better time to return than when my DVR is filled with great reality shows?

Poprah (you know, that loud mouthed, ruthless chick that thought she was really going to be Diddy’s assistant on I Want to Work for Diddy season 1) seems to be one of the last to realize this disturbing fact.

So far, Danger has: Can Ray J get some kind of award for nicknaming Monica “Danger”? Her actions on his reality show alone led me to believe she was crazy & needed help. Yes I believe she is doing all of this for attention, but that makes her all the more crazy!

It seems as if, even now, a lot of people are surprised by her strange actions.

You have to have something else to offer that will keep him coming back for more and keep his mind on you when he’s miles away.

Only time (and the reunion special) will tell if he’s made the right choice.

How many of us knew who Paris Hilton was before the “One Night in Paris” scandal?

So many women have made a name for themselves by either a “leaked” sex tape or a scandalous affair with someone famous.

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I’m not even sure what the title has to do with the actual show. On a more positive note, I’m loving every minute of Ray J & Brandy, and of course Tough Love never disappoints me. Love Brandy though) Vh1 reality shows are usually a hit or miss with me, but What Chili Wants has me on the fence this time. I really liked Chili up until this point but her damn list is working my nerves! I think when Missy told her that “Jesus was taken” she hit the nail on the head. She either wants to get back with Usher or she wants to get something started with Floyd, she’s only fooling herself because she’s not fooling us viewers! You say you want an aggressive woman…” Tanika joked back.