Is drew seeley dating selena gomez

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Is drew seeley dating selena gomez

Except for the first time I went in, I met Selena (Gomez) then and had to do some pre-reads with her.

DS: No, but we live in Canada, so she did ice skating routines a lot.

DS: I think she’s got a killer smile and her laugh. Totally different kind of movie than “Another Cinderella Story.” No music or anything. The main thing is that they have to be comfortable shoes. She plays an agent who Anna Faris tries to sell weed to. Recently, I like Estelle, that new song that she came out with.

JJ: Did you finish filming or you’re still filming that? I try to show the little brother the “right path,” but I have a little bit of a dark side to me. Not something that has a million laces in case you have to go through an airport. JJ: What kind of music do you have playing in your i Pod? A little bit of funk on it, that you can get down with. DS: I have at least four to five albums worth of material, but I don’t have a release date for an actual album.

She doesn’t take herself too seriously and neither do I.

So we got off on the right foot and started joking at the auditions, right before we started reading.

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) and having instant chemistry with sweetie pie costar Selena Gomez. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal but a lot of people found out about it and came out. JJ: What genres of dance are performed in the film?