Introduce children serious dating relationship

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Soon after we made plans, I started to worry that such an introduction, even a casual one, might still be premature.We only started dating a few months ago, and I am not ready to get too serious too soon.After my boys gobbled down a bag of chips, we started walking towards the dinosaur exhibit.

After contemplating what to do about a recent text I received from The Question Mark, I ultimately decided to respond with a simple “Great — hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.” I hated that part of me that wanted to engage him with more flirtatious repartee, but I know too well that it leads nowhere.I think it should be right away but my friends say I should wait until I’ve been dating someone for a few months, to keep them from becoming attached to someone that it doesn’t work out with.What you ultimately want is a win-win-win situation.Faced with the possibility of not seeing each other at all over the long Thanksgiving weekend because of our childcare obligations, I proposed “running into each other” at a local museum.He was looking for something to do with his tween girls anyway, so it seemed like a good idea at the time.

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