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Intimidating translate russian

And Russians are not shy, as I find Asian cultures to be.

They can be quite chatty even, once they get to know you.

As Benny can attest to, the best way to understand a culture is through its language.

I would even say my French got better as well, just by learning Russian, because finally grammar started to make sense. After all these years of studying and interacting with Russians, I still consider myself to be only conversational.Unfortunately, I never really approached English from a linguistics perspective and as a result, never really appreciated the various constructions that make English different.When you start learning Russian you really have to dive into the grammar and the rules, and this opens up a number of parallels to English that I never knew before.Westerners tend to gravitate towards other Western languages like French and Spanish due to their familiarity, but the fact is a much larger proportion of people in those countries can at least communicate in English if need be.In Russia, however, you have over 140 million people that downright will not understand you if you don't speak even a little Russian.

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