Intimidating a witness alabama dating wormerveer

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Intimidating a witness alabama

Burglary III pursuant to subdivision (1) or subdivision (2) of subsection (a) of Section 13A-7-7.

In addition, a conviction for a criminal offense and, even the accusation of a criminal offense can affect one's rights to possess or carry firearms. Alabama law generally prohibits a person from carrying a pistol in a vehicle or concealed on their person without a permit. The relevant law on this issue is contained in section 13A – 11 – 73 of the Code of Alabama: (a) Except on land under his or her control or in his or her own abode or his or her own fixed place of business, no person shall carry a pistol in any vehicle or concealed on or about his or her person without a permit issued under Section 13A-11-75(a)(1) or recognized under Section 13A-11-85.(b) Except as otherwise prohibited by law, a person legally permitted to possess a pistol, but who does not possess a valid concealed weapon permit, may possess an unloaded pistol in his or her motor vehicle if the pistol is locked in a compartment or container that is in or affixed securely to the vehicle and out of reach of the driver and any passenger in the vehicle. Of course in some instances, the critical evidence is the testimony of the victim in a domestic violence case.In that type of case, with the victim refuses to testify or fails to show up for court it is quite possible the charges could eventually be dismissed.

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