Internet dating fraud statistics Camchat group adult

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Internet dating fraud statistics

The need to give and receive love is unfortunately an extremely easy human weakness to exploit.Maybe you knew this, but if you didn’t, the Federal Trade Commission will be happy to point it out to you, right now, just before Valentine’s Day.The report explains the basics of catfishing — “Scammers lure people with phony online profiles, often lifting photos from the web to create attractive and convincing personas” — and says that it’s common not just on dating apps, but on social media sites that aren’t explicitly for dating.

They are likely to target over 45s who are looking for relationships and are in a comfortable financial position.In a “Data Spotlight” published Tuesday, February 12, the FTC shared that romance-related scams are the most commonly reported type of consumer fraud in the United States, and growing every year.The FTC received reports of 21,000 romance scams in 2018, up from 8,500 in 2015.They play on emotional triggers to get you to provide money, gifts or personal details.Dating and romance scams may also use email to make contact and they have even been known to telephone their victims as a first introduction. Australians lost .2 million in dating and romance scams in 2017, with most scammers targeting people on social media, email or websites.

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The financial consequences of these scams are also getting bigger, with reported losses quadrupling from $33 million in 2015 to $143 million in 2018.

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