Importance of updating web pages berkman center online dating

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Importance of updating web pages

However, you don’t want the old content to be completely forgotten.In that respect, regular changes, updates, and tweaks are always welcomed.A XML sitemaps as the name suggests is a road map of the company website which will bring Google to all the important pages of your site.This is a powerful tool in the marketing area which is underrated.In such a case, XML sitemaps enables Google to show that the content is original from the given publisher.This is when Google’s Panda Update comes into being.It is similar to updating information on job search engines.When a resume is updated it appears on the top of the job search results. Updating the information on any web page will show up a date at the end of each line.

One needs to understand the usage and importance to bring in to the business in the right direction.For example, in PPC (pay per click) campaigns, you need to think about your SEO as well as the necessary changes.The current or fresh information is one of the things Google values the most.When you want Google to look up for every page of your website but sometimes it happens that the internal linking is not perfect, which makes them hard to find.In such a case, XML sitemaps lists all the important pages making it easier for Google to locate the page.

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This date change on XML sitemaps will throw information to the search engine sites like Google when the last post was updated which further helps with SEO.