I am dating a nigerian man rich history dating back

Posted by / 14-Mar-2020 11:54

For those who wish to know, dating a Nigerian (man or woman) is quite an experience.This is coming from all the inter woven angles such as the food, music, languages etc.How many a little girl have had to wash dishes and when asked if Junior can join her, have been told “No! ” How many a heart has been broken by those brown, twinkly eyes and wicked, dimpled grin?The countless “I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again” to the “It wasn’t my fault, she tricked me…into getting her pregnant!On the downside, this has led many into a life of crime.

All these adjectives (and more) describe the quintessential Nigerian man.

A lot has been said about him…some good, some not so good.

There’s the belief that Nigerian mothers raise their daughters and spoil their sons…too true.

He loves to enjoy himself …and invite others to enjoy it with him.

There’s always some house-warming, Child Dedication, Birthday or new item to “wash” which leads me to the fact that…HE LOVES THE GOOD THINGS OF LIFE…just drive through Lagos or any of the other major cities in Nigeria and check out the flashy cars, fancy homes and hot night spots.

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