I 9 updating verifications

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I 9 updating verifications

Keep and make copies of the original documents supplied by your employees. Keep only the minimum number of documents required and store the forms and document photocopies separate from your employee files.

If any changes are made to the I-9 file document, change them on the original form and initial and date the changes. Reverify expiring work authorizations and don't allow employees to work if their documentation has expired.

The employer is responsible for ensuring that Section 1 is completed properly.

Section 2: Employer Review and Verification Employees must present an document/s (photocopies are unacceptable) to the employer to establish identity and employment eligibility.

The I-9 Form must be completed for each new employee regardless of her national origin or whether the employee is a U. Penalties vary substantially and are based on a tier system, but can reach as high as almost ,000.If necessary, the I-9 Form shall be made available for inspection by appropriate federal officials. Every time any person is hired to perform labor or services in return for wages or other remuneration. Section 1: Employee Information and Verification The employee completes this section on the first day of employment.This requirement applies to everyone hired on or after November 7, 1986. If the employee is unable to complete Section 1 by him/herself or if the employee needs the form translated, assistance may be provided.All rehires with a break in service must have an I-9 action. When an employee's employment authorization expires, an employer must re-verify that the employee is still authorized to work.Employees must bring their new original work authorization documents in order to re-verify their Form I-9.

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