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She has two sisters and is the daughter of Stephen Bolton and Sophie Fish, who are friends with Holland’s parents, Nikki Holland and Dominic Holland.Her family has been friends with Holland’s family for several years. Here’s what you need to know: Initially, the mystery woman was simply referred to as “a blonde,” but after some digging, she was identified as Olivia Bolton.

Both Tom and Olivia were wearing shiny silver necklaces, Olivia’s appearing to be a key and Tom’s looking like a lock.

– He can speak some English – He makes an effort to communicate to his international fans in multiple languages.

– He has to do not only music, but also clerical work.

But sources told The Sun that they are only longtime family friends, not relatives.

@Zendaya I LOVE YOU AND YOU BETTER START MAKING MOVES FOR TOM BEFORE DAT GIRL OLIVIA BOLTON STEAL HIM OR ELSE US TOMDAYA FANS ARE GONA DIE BYE#Tom Holland #tomdaya #tomhollandbetterprayup — Emma Grace (@Emma Gra31416245) July 18, 2019 what we’re NOT gonna do is bully tom holland’s girlfriend, i saw people making fun of her physical appearance and trying to find her social media accounts to send her hate…

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