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He bought the deed of this place for approximately $ 7 million. He has built another home on the same piece of property, which is 6, 000 sq feet in size. This is a modern, three level mansion, which has roof garden along with solar panels making it a quintessential green building.

It also has a 3, 500 sq feet basement and an elevator that stops on all the three floors.

Larry Page is one of the co-founders of the search engine, Google and is currently serving as its Chief Executive Officer.

Born on March 26, 1973, Page had computer scientists for his parents.

Originally the jet had a seating capacity for 180, but was modified to seat 50.

The google founders are strictly private about their private plane and thus there are not much details available about the interiors of the plane.

They invented a search engine called Back Rub, which was later renamed as Google and also built a Page rank algorithm based on which the search results would be provided.

He got his bachelor of science degree in computer engineering from the University of Michigan and went on to study for a Masters at the Stanford University. They both describe their first meeting as lively one, with both of them debating things.It comes with a helipad, gym, ten luxurious suites and multi level sun decks.Page and his family can enjoy the breakfast on the deck before retiring to the living rooms where they can enjoy movies through a movie projector mounted on the ceiling.His father Carl Vincent Page was a computer science professor at University of Michigan, and his mother Gloria Page also taught Computer programming at the same place.His first interaction with computers began at the age of six when he started playing with the computer stuff lying all around him.

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The basement consists of kitchen, multipurpose family room and a guest bed room. In January 2011, the Google co-founder added to his long list of toys a high-end expedition yacht named “Senses.” Costing a little over US $45 million, the 193-ft yacht was bought from renowned Kiwi businessman Sir Douglas Meyers. However, for an inquisitive mind that Larry has the decision was not as easy as it seems.

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