Hi sex

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Hi sex

I needed something that was either gender neutral, or masculine, because that is what fit and felt right.It wasn't until I became an adult and started to study Psychology that I began to really understand why.Even though my gender identity causes me psychological distress and I feel like I am trapped in the wrong body, because I have neutral feelings about my genitals, I did not fit the criteria. Because I am a man, even if, from time to time, an effeminate one. The reason why I feel this way is because if a male identifies as feminine, women are more accepting of it.

Or I'll hear women talking about men and complaining about the things women complain about, offer the other side of the coin because I get it from the male's perspective and I'll be, once again, called a misogynist, when my goal is to try and help all parties find mutual understanding.

There was, and continues to be, a huge disparity between the number of recognised, using diagnostic criteria, trans women (males who identity as feminine) and trans men (women who identify as masculine): estimates ranging from 1:7,400 to ,000 in assigned males and ,040 to 4,000 in assigned females.

This simply cannot be the reality of gender identity issues.

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Aspects of sex will not vary substantially between different human societies, while aspects of gender may vary greatly. And if you have any other issues that make you different than your peers, it can make growing up extremely rough, even if you're someone like me who has never cared to fit in.

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