Helping teens through first dating experiences

Posted by / 08-Sep-2020 13:01

Below are the top tips I’ve learned in my training as a crisis counselor (and my “training” as a parent of teens) for how to help a teen through an epic breakup.

It may be a first (or second or third) love, but it’s probably very real and very painful for your child.Grief is a part of life — but it’s not necessarily time for you to teach a master class on it.This is your child’s story and your child’s pain, not yours (yes, even if you really adore their ex). Listen until you are sick of hearing about it — and then listening.Breakups bring out the worst in everybody — of any age.Stay strong and steady as your teen weathers the storm of their own devastating emotions.

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If they don’t want to eat, it’s OK to bribe them with their favorite takeout meal.

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