Hayden panettiere and shia la beouf dating who is selena dating 2016

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5'8"-5'8.5" said on 25/Jun/09Ummm..guys need to take a better look at Megan Fox's shoes.She's not only wearing very high heels, her heels are PLATFORMS, and pretty thick ones, too! Yeah, regular 4-in heels might give you like 3 inches in height, but she has like 5 inch platform heels! If she's 5'4 with those heels and still an inch or so shorter than Shia... said on 25/Jun/09i just saw transformers and throughout the movie he looks to be the close in height to actor Ramon Rodriguez who plays Leo...So my guess is Carey Mulligan underestimates her height since 5'8" to 5'9" isn't a desirable height in an actress.said on 31/Oct/10Here is 5'9.5 Patrick Dempsey and Shia.I know it's funny angle but Dempsey looks more then an inch taller Click Here Oh, and by the way I was on the set when they were filming in DC.He was 10 feet away from me and he looked 5'8 no way 5'9. said on 30/Jun/09it was soo weird because during transformers 2 there were times when i could swear that he was the same height as ramon rodriguez but that one scene that anonymous posted really shows you the truth.

Click Herei think rounding him to 5'9 is right because there is absolutely no way you can measure a quater-inch from still pictures.I honestly don't get why he's still listed as anything near 5'9", here.said on 16/Jun/09Click Herecertainly looks 5'9 next to 5'11.5~6'0 harrison ford.Plus I've commented many times on this board about how Shia is 5'8.5 max. but for the character in disturbia he didnt have to wear lifts because there wasnt any pychologic effect which had to be filled up!Notice how in that post I said he looks "surprisingly" tall. AND I said the other 3 are probably shorter than they say they are. Rob please think about it said on 3/Jan/11Saw this guy in New york when he was shooting wall street 2.

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they're the same height, he's maybe a fraction shorter and she has wilder footwear.