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Graham coxon dating

Albarn’s resume includes a stint as a barman in London’s Portobello Road, a job at Le Croissant at Euston Station, and a position as a teaboy at Graeme Holdaway’s Beat Factory Studio.At this recording studio, Albarn can work on his own music at night.

By the time he is 12 years old, Graham Coxon can play guitar, drums, saxophone and fife.By this time the boys have finished their time at Stanway Comprehensive School and go their separate ways…for a little while.Damon Albarn goes to the Loughton campus of the East 15 acting school in Debden, Loughton (near London). He forms the opinion that he is “the worst actor in the world” and leaves after a year. He changes to a two year stint studying fine arts at Goldsmiths’ College in London.At junior school, Alex tries to learn violin to please his mother, but finds the instrument too difficult.When Alex is 13, his father buys a piano and this instrument catches his attention.

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“It was a way of hanging out with Graham really.” The two boys are both social misfits in the school community but find solace in each other’s company. We were like brothers when we were younger,” Damon Albarn says of his friendship with Graham Coxon.