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Giant intimidating sermon

‘I know whom I have believed.’ It is quite something to be able to say with confidence, ‘I know what I have believed’. But how much more it is for Paul, and for us, to be able to say, ‘I know whom I have believed’! Will we encourage and support the work of the gospel at home and abroad? ‘Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted,’ . Sometimes, it doesn’t amount to much more than embarassment. We hear about the ‘suffering church’ in many parts of the world.

Will we ensure that we have a sound grasp of the terms of the gospel? You rather wish you’d kept your hands in your pockets.” But its becoming more serious than that.

Guarding the gospel is more like maintaining an engine in tip-top working order.

Paul recognised this when he declared himself in v11 to be herald, apostle, and teacher of the gospel. As an apostle he must take take it to wherever he has been sent.

As you’re turning, does anyone remember what happened 2 weeks ago in chapter 16? of bronze armor; a scimitar (javelin) slung across his back; a massive spear with a ~15 lb. It’s likely that Goliath wouldn’t have been able to move around super well.

We saw that God is going to provide Himself a king. He gets exalted to the royal court, living in close proximity (and relationship) to the king of the nation- Saul. It seems that his appearance is intended to be as intimidating as possible. Since Israel’s army only goes to war when God commands it, Goliath is, by extension, insulting God’s honor. It’s possible that he’s the biggest Israelite in the army!

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Let me just pause on this, because it’s slightly puzzling.