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She didn't implicitly sign away her rights to privacy when she started to model 5 years ago.Model-as-cult-celebrity is a very recent phenomenon spurred on by the proliferation of the internet's role within the fashion industry.Hmmm, maybe that wasn't the best analogy since you choose vegetarianism while you're born with sexuality, but it's all I could come up with.Call me old-fashion, but I still place value in privacy and I still think that personal matters should remain personal, not spread around without consent.Moreover, this makes it seem like her sexuality is the only thing she's notable for and the only thing she's identifiable by.Like it will be her lasting legacy, even though throughout her career it's been more of a non-issue. But now it's like Freja has become the token lesbian model despite the fact that she hasn't officially made her sexuality public knowledge.But I also think that if you're going to herald a person for being a specific way, that person should be able to openly embrace that aspect of themselves that you're heralding.There shouldn't be any hesitation or question about it.

I'm not going to call Freja out for being a vegetarian if she's never said that she's a vegetarian.

Isn't it enough that she's a tremendously talented model who gets a ton of work? Or does all of this stem from a desire to set Freja up as a role model of sorts?

(Top of her industry, well known, not exactly open about her sexuality but not dismissive or afraid of it either....these qualities don't come around all that often in the modeling industry.) If this is the case, I completely understand the impetus behind it.

I don't think being deemed a lesbian model is a bad thing, but when you're dealing with a model of Freja's status, I feel like it's kind of dismissive.

It would be like sites writing the "big breasted model" in regards to Lara Stone, or the "model with the mole" in regards to Cindy Crawford, if that makes sense.

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I already know some of you will think I'm being ridiculous or overly sensitive (there sure seem to be a lot more of you out there nowadays); but I just think this is all uncouth and invasive, especially since we all know how private of a person Freja is.

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