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After stealing the show with their high energy and explosive confidence, I sat down with TOUTS bassist, Miceál Sammon, and Singer/Guitarist, Matthew Crossan, for a chat about their past, present and future. For me, if its loud and the people are watching, I’ll f**king love it.Miceál: There was pure raw energy and that’s what I look for when playing.Miceál: It depends what songs we are writing, but it generally just starts with a small idea, a riff or some lyrics and we all play around it from there.Matthew: It’s a group effort in its own way, there is only so much of a song I can write before I need to hand it to the other two (Jason and Miceál) so they can put in their own touches, if you know what I mean.Hulu and other streaming websites provide the advantage of just paying a minimum amount and enjoying only your favourite TV shows and movies.

If you played a SLF song to someone in Syria it will ring true with them and they could relate strongly to it.

A feature that is to be introduced in the future is live television programming of events, due to start in 2018.

Hulu networks list has a wide range of content partners such as Viacom, NBC Universal, CBS, Fox, BBC, ABC, Comcast, MTV, VH1, Discovery Communications and more they have been working on bringing some best Hulu Plus shows exclusively for Hulu audience.

It’s a long process but when someone gets an idea we jam around it and it just begins to form.

Matthew: We are forming off the last punk scene, recreating what it was like for teenagers in the 60s-80s who were listening to the likes of Dr Feelgood and The Sex Pistol. Miceál: We seem to write a song and only after we write it find out what it actually means.

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In the next coming year we have something planned with the ’40 years of punk.’ That’s all we will say.