Free chat rooms roomswith no plug in needed

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Free chat rooms roomswith no plug in needed

*'On the whole, I have no hesitation in fitating that your Aerated Waters are of the highest standard of purity which is practically attuuable." Louis Sibbold, F. " i took a sample of the water used in your msnufactory, in the preptrit Kw " the A&rated Waters, and found it, as was the case with the completed compounaii entirely fret from lead, copper, or ant/ infuriou$ matter whatever." „ „ „ « , C. D., Lond., Author of" Food: Its Adulterations and die Methods for their Detection,." EDWY GODWIN CLAYTON, F. A satisfnctoy y feature is absence of excess of nwlsture, the baking having evidently been conducted with care, The Biscuits p^)sse'ised an agreeab'e flavour; and t My can be pronounced to bew made and of goodqnality We remain, failltfullt/ yours, ARTHUR HILL HA83ALL, M. 1/li spho-mnriate of Quinine 1/1^ b Pl Bepbepine ... 8c U ui 00 m us » i H o 2 o S ^ O -t J no ' Co -4^ o o ® pi 0-1 c3 Pi Is .

THE CHEMISTS' Hia HEST PHT7, E WBDAL BRa Dj I03IILE ST., E. The INTERNATIONAL PATENTS ASSOCIATIOIT, 15 NICHOLAS LANE, LONDON, E. MAWSON, SWAN & WEDDELL, 20 West Grainger Street, Neweastle-on-Tyne. We are pleased to be able to testify that your Phospho-Citric Acid is gatistactory under the most severe trials. I have pleasure iu bearing testimony to the fact that flrst-class waters are produced, with greater body and finer fruity flavour, at half thi |st o£ Citric , and further that your Acid is free from all traces of LEAD, generally found in the crystals. " And may I also be permitted to add my testimony to the excellence of your Phospho Citric Acid ; I consider it far and away preferable \ Citric." 0. Saccharine Beverages made mth this Acid will keep sound and bright several days longer than those made with Crystal Acids. YORK ROAD, KING'S CROSS, LONDON, TELEGRAMS:-" REMPUJARON LONDON." 14 THE CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST.

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Fletcher, Fletcher Stevenson NORTH LONDON CHEMICAL WORKS, I3[olloway, Loiicflon, INT. We shall be pleased to furnish Special Quotations (according to quantity) upon application, and in the mean- time invite attention to the subjoined Analytical Report.

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