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You can access it on the web at photos.or simply download one of the free Google Photos apps to automatically upload all photos you take with your devices.They'll all be synced up right across your account and accessible from anywhere.Images from your computer can be uploaded to Imgur to be shared on your favorite social network via a unique URL, or within the Imgur community itself.

The more you use Google Photos, the more it learns about your photo habits so that it can take some of the manual work off your back by automatically organizing your photos for you.

Adding tags will help users who use Tinypic's search function to find relevant photos.

Photos (and videos) that are not associated with a user account will remain on the site for at least 90 days, after which they may be removed if they haven't been viewed.

If you want to display a photo on a website, you can do so by copying the embed code from the photo page.

Dropbox is a free cloud storage provider that you can use to store all sorts of different file formats, in addition to photos.

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Google Photos is probably one of the most useful photo resources you can use, mainly for its powerful automatic backup feature.