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Anything related to Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, as well as other Asians who grew up outside of Asia.

This includes news, discussions, pictures, or videos.

It is better to watch a show that has no Asian in it over one that has one or two token or caricature Asian characters. I ask because you sound young (a teenager perhaps)?I don't want to sound like some bitter ass old man, but as an asian guy, people really do see you as the punchline of a joke.If you're a girl, people make nice because they wanna fuck you.The tricky part is that the while people who are most likely to be progressive tend to be the type who take pride in being subversive, and that often spills over into "ironic" racism, which is basically when a white person wants to be racist without wanting to be guilty of being racist. I have tons of friends who are not Asian that understand that it is wrong to say or do certain things.I don't blame them for things that other people of the same race did because it wasn't their fault. In this area, you can say they get the shorter end of the stick because of discrimination. There are many problems that can deal with prejudice and discrimination and you choose to focus on race?

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I have even started to feel better about white people - only because I no longer have to deal with them on a personal, daily and persistent basis. May sound like a politically incorrect solution, even racist. I grew up in a neighborhood with a very large Chinese population, in a very ethnically diverse city, and never had self-esteem issues based on my ethnicity.

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