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Fluor’s list of LOGCAP work opportunities includes many support roles such as construction jobs, construction engineers and superintendents, project controls, project managers, quality, site managers, HSE managers, logistics support, supply assignments, security jobs, firefighting opportunities, laundry service, food services support, water works, vector control sanitation jobs, billeting positions, maintenance jobs, and power generation support.

We provide the Army with the logistical support it needs, so that soldiers can focus on the mission at hand.

Today, the Spetsnaz motorcycle club is defunct, perhaps as a result of the extensive media attention it attracted.

But the curious case of this pro-Kremlin biker club in South Florida illustrates both the far-flung and opportunistic nature of Russia’s covert-influence operations.

When the United States sanctioned the Night Wolves in December 2014, the Treasury Department noted in a press release that “.” The statement enumerated the group’s actions in support of the takeover of Crimea, including intimidation, criminal activities, abduction, storming a gas-distribution station, and exfiltrating members of Viktor Yanukovych’s regime from Ukraine.

The Night Wolves’ links to the Kremlin are, however, readily apparent.

Somewhat incongruously, the tattooed bikers, accompanied by pinstriped Russian Embassy diplomats, disembarked from their motorcycles to lay red carnations in front of the memorial and then posted a It seems almost too strange to be true: fight clubs, neo-Nazi soccer hooligans, and motorcycle gangs serving as conduits for the Kremlin’s influence operations in Western countries. Yet this is exactly what is happening across Europe and North America as Russia’s intelligence services co-opt fringe radicals and angry young men to try to undermine Western democracies from within.Zaldostanov once suggested “ to force the surrender of the beleaguered forces stuck inside, marking a decisive turning point in Russia’s semi-covert operation to annex the peninsula.The Night Wolves’ operational role in this armed takeover was second only to Russia’s infamous “little green men,” , portrayed the Night Wolves as patriotic locals acting spontaneously in support of the Russian putsch, reveling in the attractive story line and the accompanying photographs and video footage of tattooed bikers.But occasionally, as in Ukraine, these proxies can operate directly in support of Kremlin operations.An imposing figure at 6 foot 3, Alexander Zaldostanov, a former dental surgeon with scraggly shoulder-length hair and a goatee, is now the leader of a Russian motorcycle gang called the Night Wolves.

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