Exchange server 2016 global address list not updating

Posted by / 11-Feb-2020 02:38

Exchange server 2016 global address list not updating

Once installed, use the command line to navigate to the directory that you installed the tool to and run the following command: If this is working properly, you should receive a "listening" response.

You should also make sure that the OAB references on each site's Exchange server are correct.

2) Why does a manuel update delete cached passwords? If they are, then the problem is with the OAB distribution. Any errors in the event viewer about OAB generation? Click on the Client Settings tab, do you have an OAB set? If no click Browse and select the correct OAB and Ok and Ok You may want to check your EWS (Exchange Web Services) to ensure that is it properly configured as you are using Web Distribution for Outlook 2010. I just ran BPA which only commant was, that incomming/outgoing message size is too high.

Run the SBS BPA and Exchange BPA (in the toolbox in EMC) to ensure that no errors come up. You may also want to change the Distribution Server to another CAS server in your environment if you have one, which would be a good test to see if there is something wrong with the current one being used. If I access OWA and press the to-buttom it shows me a VERY outdated address book only showing 1/3 of the current users.

If you have multiple DCs with the global catalog role, try removing the GC role from the server that Exchange is using, then restart the Exchange services so that Exchange is forced to use it.

I would also ensure that permission inheritance is enabled on every user account.

Until you can see all of the information in OWA, don't think anything is going to change on the clients.

Probably the first time for many months where the problem has been genuinely the GAL, rather than the OAB.

You need to start looking at your domain controllers.

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You should also check that all four sites can communicate on port 25, in order to allow replication traffic to pass through.

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