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Erin mcleod dating

Nilla Fischer is a Swedish player known for her strong competitive spirit.She has a passionate commitment to gender equality and gay rights, saying: ‘As an athlete, I wish to prevent all forms of discrimination within sport, such as sexism, homophobia and racism.But above all, I wholeheartedly support everyone’s right to practice sports. ’ The 30-year-old married her girlfriend Maria Micheala in 2013, and was named ‘LGBTQ Person of the Year’ in 2014 in Sweden.Isabell is a 26-year-old Norweigan player, the daughter of famous international footballer Kai Erik Herlovsen.When she scored an ultra-rare ‘Goal Olimpico’ by scoring directly from a corner, she became the first woman or man ever to do so at the Olympics.Megan came out as a lesbian in 2012, saying: ‘I just felt like I was leaving something out and omitting something and not being 100 percent truthful. ‘The world is sort of presumably straight, so I think I wasn’t wanting to be assumed [to be straight] or have people believe that. I couldn’t be happier with who I am.’ Since then, she has been an advocate for a number of LGBTI organizations that support young people and aim to end homophobia in sport.‘At autograph alley at Harvard Stadium, the kids come up to me and say “congratulations on yours and Joanna’s engagement,”‘ Lianne has said.‘They bring pictures of us from People Magazine and they want us to sign it. Never would you have gotten people coming to the games saying “Congratulations on your engagement” when it’s the wedding for two females.’ Swedish midfielder Caroline Serger has won over a century of caps since making her debut for the Swedish national women’s team in 2005.

This year, she is leading the team out as captain for the first time, saying it is ‘an indescribable feeling’ for her childhood dream of being captain of her country to come true.

Her career has taken her from Swedish captain to Philadelphia to Western New York Flash and then Paris Saint-Germain.

An out lesbian, she has said she used to conceal her sexuality but decided to speak out to help other gay and lesbian young people who might be struggling with their identity.

There, she and fiancée Joanna Lohman became the first openly gay engaged couple competing on the same professional team.

The relationship sparked huge publicity, as well as a great deal of public support.

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