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Whether this interest stems from finding true love or other reasons, the survey does not mention.

Dutch porn comes to us from the Netherlands, which was the world's most famous home of legalized prostitution with the Red Light District in Amsterdam showcasing available ladies on the street.

Having said this, there are quite a lot of unofficial brothels in Belgium.Despite having a reputation for being conservative and reserved, Belgians are a liberal minded bunch and sex in the country isn’t taboo.Depending on where you are in the country, the influences can be French, German or Dutch and like these neighbours, attitudes towards sex and sexuality as well as the adult industry can be quite open-minded.Neither soliciting or procuring sexual services are punishable offences and are largely tolerated with most major cities having red light areas.However, the tolerance of local authorities and the general public varies greatly depending on which area of Belgium you are in and can range from those municipalities that have implemented unofficial registration and health checks for sex workers and those where prostitution is effectively ignored.

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In a European-wide study, Belgians ranked their sexual performance as average with the report showing the following trends in the surveyed population of adults: Sex education in Belgium is very good and though schools aren’t compelled with the nature of the programme, they must provide a certain standard and amount.

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