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According to the US publication, the pair were introduced by Cara Delevigne, who is close pals with Demi's daughter Rumer, and vowed to find the 55-year-old actress an eligible bachelor.

They were deep in conversation and even exchanged numbers", a source tells the publication, adding that friends allegedly claimed the actress is "smitten".

Caught on Video: Undeniable proof that moms have super powers!Here’s the bad news: If there was a contest for the worst health care bill, the U. Senate Republicans’ bill, released this morning, would win it. But there is increasing evidence that children who lack social and emotional skills are less likely to thrive as adults too.It’s out of touch, out of line with our nation’s priorities, and damaging to our families and economy. A recent 20-year study found that children who were more likely to “share” or “be helpful” in kindergarten were also more likely to obtain higher education and hold full-time jobs nearly two decades later.(No disrespect intended to the curb.) Last week, for example, there was the terrible new census data report that nearly one in six Americans is living in poverty, and one in four babies born in America right now goes home to a family living in poverty.(1) This is a national emergency! We talked about how concerned parents are about the chemicals that our children are exposed to every day.And yet, we're hearing the same old mantra from Congress. And we delivered over 73,000 signatures on a petition asking the President to make chemical policy reform part of his cancer prevention plan.

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Share the laughs & celebrate moms by forwarding this email to friends and family--and by posting this video link on Facebook & Twitter. Speaking of overcoming gridlock and bringing people together across the political spectrum, also...

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