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Some people believe that gemstones should also be durable, rare, valuable and skillfully cut - but some items formally called "gemstones" lack all of these.

Many gemstones are rocks, organic materials, mineraloids or even objects from space that lack durability, rarity, intrinsic value and are used in their natural state.

A fan-shaped wedge of sediment that typically accumulates on land where a stream emerges from a steep canyon onto a flat area. Alluvial fans typically form in arid or semiarid climates.

Shown in the photo is the Badwater Alluvial Fan of Death Valley.

A geology dictionary that is used regularly is one of the most important tools for developing professional competence.

About every thirty feet, all of the drill pipe and the drill bit are pulled from the well so the core can be lifted to the surface and removed. All scientific disciplines have an essential vocabulary that students and professionals must understand to learn and communicate effectively.

Lavas with a relatively low viscosity can form a "ropy" surface.

The term is also used for the rock materials after the flow has cooled.

An important part of geology is the study of how Earth’s materials, structures, processes and organisms have changed over time.

A fault with vertical movement and an inclined fault plane.

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Some people assume that "geology" and "earth science" are identical, but that is not true.