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David deangelo double your dating what every man should know

and learning how to approach women in different situation. Most men don’t realize that their lame attempts to get a woman’s attention are HURTING them.I have also spent YEARS teaching other men how to overcome THEIR fear and shyness… They don’t realize that the things they’re doing are actually giving her a NEGATIVE impression… but it’s working “behind the scenes.” Have you ever been walking along… and you sensed danger out of the corner of your eye… I believe that the REASON why expectations are so powerful has to do with the part of your mind that psychologists refer to as the “unconscious mind.” Some call it the “subconscious mind.” This is the part of your mind that’s “always on”…but if you start off the race running in the WRONG DIRECTION, it’s going to be pretty hard to WIN. Hugh Hefner and Brad Pitt will probably write to me to disagree… But for regular guys like you and me, it ain’t gonna happen. From HER perspective, every guy is walking up to her and saying one of the SAME FEW THINGS.So remember: When you approach a woman, make sure the IMPRESSION she’s getting is one that triggers ATTRACTION. Using the “kiss her ass and hope she likes me” strategy is a loser. ATTRACTION is triggered by a TOTALLY DIFFERENT message. maybe try to come up with some kind of original compliment… Here’s the problem: That attractive woman has men looking at her ALL DAY… The irony is that in our desire and attempt to be ORIGINAL…we wind up saying essentially the SAME THING as the last hundred guys… because I kept this a secret for many years of my life… I have an automatic, deep, gut level FEAR of approaching women. It’s not because I approached a woman and had something bad happen. The reality is that when we go through an experience like this, there are “miracles” happening inside of us.In fact, one of the reasons I found it so hard to admit this problem to anyone was the simple fact that I COULDN’T EXPLAIN IT. Am I talking about freaky New Age ideas that have no basis in reality of any kind? In an instant, before we have time to “think” about what’s happening, our entire mind and body have “taken over” and moved us out of the way of harm. It’s all being done in this part of your mind that I’m talking about. Now, think about THIS for a minute: Most men who have problems approaching women have one peculiar thing in common: They are all EXPECTING negative outcomes from the approach. You’ve learned one of the most important pieces of the puzzle for changing: AWARENESS.

I would like to “boil down” the top mistakes that men make when it comes to approaching women… You’ve probably heard me say that “Women aren’t attracted to Wussies! Let me ask you a couple of questions: 1) How many chances do you get to make a first impression on a woman?

If I could go around the world, and take ALL of the situations that happened today where a man approached a woman that he was interested in dating… and you start thinking about how to approach her and start a conversation… As you know, it can be TORTURE to try to come up with what to say. And there’s a common “theme” at the root of this “self torture.” This theme is that when we see a woman that we’d like to meet, we tend to think to ourselves, “I need to come up with something ORIGINAL and CREATIVE to say to her.” Why do we do this? And you just become one more “link” in the “mental sausage chain” in her mind. Until now, there’s been nowhere to go for the solutions to ANY of these problems.

and then summarize and “condense” them into ONE “scene,” it would have an easy-to-recognize theme… who is trying to FIRST get the woman to LIKE AND ACCEPT HIM. Now there’s a place where you can learn to overcome and CONQUER all of these different problems…

I put together an entire, one-of-a-kind program on “Approaching Women And Starting Conversations”… This program is NOT designed to simply educate you on the ins and outs of approaching women…

and it’s NOT just going to give you a few great lines and techniques… In the beginning, I’ll show you WHY men have such a hard time approaching women…

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