Datingbuzz south

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Datingbuzz south

Harley arrives during the contest and Carson hides from him, while Luanne seeks him out.Melaina gets the idea to have Luanne use her daddy's name as a Senator to invite Jimmy Valentine to the house for a small party, which turns into a rowdy affair.They stay at the second home of Luanne's parents, but are forbidden to sit on the furniture, drink the liquor, or make phone calls, as the trip is a secret.The girls decide to go to a local club so they can shag, but Carson has sworn she won't dance as she feels guilty being in Myrtle Beach instead of going to Fort Sumter, South Carolina, as her fiance believes.

Once they all see Luanne's parents, she says she will lie to them about the weekend and Carson berates her for not telling the truth.

Buzz wakes Carson up by dangling a fly fishing lure in her face and asks her to go fishing with him.

Once she tells him nothing will ever happen between them, he agrees and says they should just be friends.

Luanne and Harley also realize they have feelings for each other and are more suited than Harley and Carson were.

Chip makes a mistake in saying his feelings for Pudge are friendship and she rejects him.

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Buzz tells Carson that he doesn't believe she will marry Harley and forces her to confront her beliefs and rules she's set for herself.

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