Dating yourself

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Dating yourself

You push the boundaries until one day, you look back to see your whole world has transformed. Because all the time you take to “date yourself” – to learn honesty, to move forward with patience and compassion, to let curiosity lead the way – ends up developing a stronger sense of trust in who you are and the life you’re creating.Trust in this context means you don’t have to be so hard on yourself anymore.

This Is What Happens When You Date Yourself It’s a beautiful thing to find companionship in an intimate, trusting way.But, no matter how strong of a spark two people start off with, they need a deep understanding of their own selves in order to truly succeed at the relationship.Being self-aware helps you navigate the give and take of living life with another, by first teaching you that you get to be the king or queen – beautiful dress and all – of your own story. I went on the first date with my guy in late December and somehow, we ended up where we are today – in a happy, loving, committed relationship, which also happens to be long-distance! It was 110% unexpected for us to meet, not to mention to make our lives work together in the way they do so seamlessly.We were each dating ourselves for a while before crossing paths.

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The truth can hit you like a freight train sometimes and it’s in these encounters that you need to slow down and be more gentle with yourself. Showing up for yourself and recognizing who you are isn’t always some bold, loud and proud action.

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