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Crucially, where Jokers past have been defined by their humour and sadistic insanity, Arthur’s defining characteristic is that he’s mentally ill.

Phoenix engenders such powerful empathy for Fleck that some of the horrifying setbacks he faces, including a mental health care system that profoundly fails him, are genuinely upsetting.

Rosenberg’s book is a welcome addition to recent studies that explore the social and cultural struggle between objective “history” and subjective personal or public memory to preserve, reconstruct, analyze or use the past.

In time, Cold Warriors blended both notions to use Pearl Harbor to push for a strong national defense that might forestall potential Communist treachery.That Joker was directed and co-written by Todd Phillips – best known for the Hangover trilogy – makes this all the more remarkable.Phillips and the Ace of Knaves have turned out to be the perfect marriage of filmmaker and material; practically every choice is on the money.But his life only truly starts to spiral after a violent encounter on a subway car kickstarts a terrifying transformation. Far from the altruistic entrepreneur of Bat-dads past, Cullen’s Wayne is a loathsome one-percenter who unapologetically declares Gotham’s citizens ‘clowns’ on TV.At a time when the obscene economic divide between rich and poor grows greater by the second, Joker has its finger on the political and social pulse in unexpectedly daring ways.

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Pearl Harbor at 50 years remained a cultural battlefield capable of generating both pride and acrimony.