Dating tintypes

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Examine any tinting, usually to add pinkness to cheeks and lips or highlight jewelry and buttons.

People wanted their photographs to look like paintings.

Travelers and soldiers preferred their sturdy iron-plated images to the glass-plated ambrotypes.

Today, authentic pieces can fetch to 0 depending on the age, condition and content.

The following tips describe which characteristics increase the value of tintypes. Older tintypes are rarer and used a heavier metal plate, but dating them proves difficult because they were popular for so many years and the surface could not easily be inscribed.

Earliest productions bear the stamped patent along the edge, "Neff's Melainotype Pat 19 Feb 56." Historicize the content.

They provided a cheaper, faster alternative to daguerreotypes because the image was ready within minutes.

You want to treat them like family, using all those genealogical documents that you use for researching your family.” In some cases, a photographer’s logo or imprint is on the back of the image.

“Photographer’s logos provide valuable clues when [you are] attempting to identify a photograph, including the location where the photograph was taken,” writes professional genealogist Lisa Lisson.

A scallop shell necklace.” Taylor noted that this necklace could indicate that this girl lived close to the coast, or perhaps it was a gift from a relative who did.

Whatever the prop may be, it could hold an important clue into unlocking the mystery ancestor in the photo.

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