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Dating things say

After reviewing data from more than 500 couples, psychologist John Gottman, Ph.

D, and his colleagues came up with a mathematical model that can predict the likelihood of divorce.

Go to a public bathroom stall and when someone comes in say, “I’ve been expecting you…” 67.

When your neighbor leaves, chase after their car yelling, “YOU FORGOT ME! Walk into a group of people chatting casually and then say “Are we gonna kill him or what? Keep screaming after you get off a roller coaster even when it stops. Tie a balloon to your back and run and scream: “It’s chasing me! Go to an apple store with a banana and ask if you can upgrade to an apple.Women gauge the health of a relationship by how well they think you understand them, says Mark Elliott, Ph.D., the director of the Institute for Psychological and Sexual Health, in Columbus, Ohio.That’s why there are certain sexy things you can say to a woman that mean more to her than a typical “I love you.” The reason is simple: Women are communicators.Studies suggest that the average woman speaks 7,000 words a day. It’s that discrepancy between our verbal styles and needs that can turn a once-hot and sex-filled relationship into yesterday’s oatmeal. An oft-cited 2000 study from the University of Washington reported that researchers could predict with 90 percent accuracy whether couples will divorce or stay married simply by listening to them talk for a few minutes.

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