Dating someone chronic illness Sexy chat iran

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Dating someone chronic illness

In most cases, sex happens more quickly, probably due to not having had it as frequently as they would like to. Chronic illness is no doubt a deal-breaker for many people.On Date, the question of whether people would date someone with a chronic illness has come up more than one time in the forums. Some would if the disease or illness wasn’t contagious.“Don’t even tempt me.”That was Ashley Pierce’s response when her friend Tammi tried to set her up with Walter.Having spent a good portion of the last 10 years in a Las Vegas hospital bed, Pierce didn’t even want to entertain the thought of dating.“I never thought someone would marry me with my conditions,” 26-year-old Pierce recently wrote in a Facebook status. Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis—chronic inflammatory conditions that affect the gastrointestinal and digestive tracts and include complications ranging from abdominal cramps to malnutrition.

Karen Swindells, 27, who has epilepsy, says a guy once dumped her right after she had a major brain surgery intended to reduce her seizures.“He felt like nothing positive was going on in my life at that time,” said Swindells, who works at a college bookstore and is now married. A few have been major, but most are small and stop her functioning for no longer than a few minutes.She wrote, “Was I really willing to step into a relationship with someone with health issues when love is hard enough healthy?” In her case, she was, but clearly not everyone is.” and explained that she doesn’t want anyone to interfere with her active life.Freelance writer Sascha Rothchild, in an article on, considered the question of whether she’d date a chronically ill person.

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Even waiting two or three dates is too long for some people, who accuse him of wasting their time.