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Now in 2013, the forums have been moved yet again, this time to bb Press.

It specifically works with Vanilla as well as several other popular forum software products.

This extensions helps you create an exceptional event everytime.

Edit 26-Sep-2018 After several months of gestation and hundreds of commits and tests we are proud to announce the release of version 2 that will be the upgrade of the present, many news implemented.

Note: I have made some changes to the date display format (for the better I think ) Feel free to DL it and replace yours... have to use this exact link or you won't get to it.

The Forums on CSS-Tricks started life as php BB sometime in 2008.

i even tried to change the settings in webmail to 5 hours prior and it still shows the wrong time. Basically, it just checks the message date for being greater than 2005.

If it is, it subtracts 1 month before displaying it to the user.

Right now you are asking for the post (only one) that has the same id as the last post of the topic, but you do not want to only get the last one. Edit: You have to look at your database and check if there is any foreign key in your post table that refers to the topic.

I did take down the Vanilla forums while this was going on, so no new posts would be made that would be lost.

It did hang a few times during the process, but luckily the converter is smart.

I have set the correct time zone on the server and also set it in my webmail options, but this does not seem to have any effect. Thanks I am also having this same error only in webmail when i look at emails in outlook the time stamp is correct.

even if i look at the headers in the email the time stamp is correct in webmail.

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Let your users become hosts and organise their very own events.

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