Dating my vintage desk

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It could warp, rendering the cylinder totally useless.This was created for the French nobles early in the 1700s.The Carleton House desk contained all of the nooks, crannies, drawers, and mysterious places that Cutler later added to his own desk design.The rectangular writing area rested on legs, however, which gave the Carleton House Desk a more elegant, refined, and dainty look.

The name comes from the Carleton House, the London residence of the Prince.

The roll top is actually the evolution of a couple of popular desk styles of the day.

The pedestal desk is created from a rectangular top which rests on two cabinets containing stacked drawers.

The value will depend on several things: Check the interior of the drawers.

If they are made of plywood then the desk should have a correspondingly low value.

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Cutler antique roll top desks are somewhat rare and very valuable when they are found in good condition.

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